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post season plow maintenance

Post Season Plow Maintenance

After a season of plowing, a snowplow owner should undertake a few small maintenance procedures that will lengthen the lifespan of their snow removal equipment investment.

After dismounting the moldboard, the plow unit itself should be hosed off with water, then scrubbed down with soapy water. Revmoving the salt and grime will prevent corrosion. Tip the plow onto its face, and pay attention to the underside and frame pieces. Some snow plow owners also wax the plow blade for further ensure against the elements.

Inspect the plow edge for nicks or breaks.

With the plow tipped forward, inspect the frame for signs of damage- cracked welds and deep scratches that need touchup. Keeping an unbroken paint coating will help in avoiding rust- however repainting is best done when the weather is warmer. Grease the piston rods and the pivot pins. Check all hydralic fittings for damage or leakage. Check the hoses for bubbles or cuts. Check the owners manual for procedures involved in changing hydralic fluids.

When storing the snow plow for the season, try to position it so water cannot pool up. A lot of plow owners use old pallets or wood so the plow does not sit directly on the ground. A tarp is also reccomended to keep the weather away.