Liquid Snow Shovel

Lots of people are talking about a product called Liquid Snow Shovel. This product is designed to be sprayed on surfaces once a week in order to keep surfaces clear of ice and snow. The manufacturer, Advanced Seasonal innovations, claims its product is ecologically friendly, clean, non-staining and biodegradable. In order to use Liquid Snow Shovel, you need a sprayer and the solution. Simply use the sprayer to apply theĀ  Liquid Snow Shovel before the snow hits.

Here’s a video from the manufacturer, showing the proper use of the Liquid Snow Shovel solution.


With claims that is is effective to -25 Fahrenheit, the ingredients must be more then just a brine solution. There seems to be some positive testimonials on the web, ASI claims Liquid Snow Shovel is more cost effective then granular products and 70% less corrosive then rock salt.


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