Choosing a Snow Removal Service-Independents vs Landscaping Companies

When looking for a snow removal professional, a homeowner or small business will come across a number of independent snow plow operators. Many of these services are an owner-operator with a truck or two, and can offer good snow removal prices and do a good job. The drawback to these smaller services can be that the smaller companies can get over extended during the season, taking on more work then they can handle attempting to maximize their snow removal equipment investment. If you use a small company, make sure that they can guarantee performance.

In addition to single operator snow removal service providers, many landscaping and lawn maintenance companies provide snow removal as well. Finding a lawn service company to perform snow clearing is easy, and if you already have a lawn service company, they may offer incentives to continue getting your business throughout the winter months. You will find that these landscaping companies also own dedicates snow and ice removal equipment, and the ones that provide commercial snow removal service (in addition to residential snow plowing) have enough equipment and staff to handle all of their accounts during a large snow accumulation event. The drawback here may be that a lawn service company may not be interested in your business – perhaps they only carry enough staff to cover their existing lawn customers, or that your property is too far out of their range.

For more help in choosing a snow removal company, here is a list of 20 questions to help choose a snow removal company.

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