Snowplow repair and troubleshooting tips

Having an issue with your snow plow?
Cover the obvious items first. Make sure it is attached correctly, and no debris or obstructions are in the way.

Does the motor operate?
Electrical hookups secure? Did you remember too hook them up? Did they rattle loose or is the connector worn?
Check for short circuits
Make sure the fuse is not blown.

Move down the line. Assuming the motor runs:
Is there power to the motor solenoid? Check it with a continuity tester
Is there power to the ram solenoids? Check it with a continuity tester
Is there power to the control pad or panel? Check it with a continuity tester
If the motor runs, and the solenoids seem to be receiving power but the snowplow will not raise or move
Check the oil
Check for clogged filters
Make sure O rings aren’t leaking
Replace the solenoids that are questionable with a known good one

If the plow wont hold the attack angle or height
Make sure there is no air in the system, bleed it out.
Check for leaks at seals, paying attention for worn o-rings

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