Snow Blower Features Questions and Answers

Each model year, snow blower manufacturers try and find a new feature to help their product stand above the competition. Some features are awesome, others not so much. High end snow throwers may have features that do not justify the price increase. In this article, we look at dual auger belts, heated grips, headlights, and reversible skid shoes.

Why Put Dual Auger Belts On A Snow Blower?

One of the features found on high end snow blowers are dual auger belts. On very large machines, including dual auger belts may be a function of the size of the auger housing, but on smaller machines (under 30 inches), dual auger belts are built so they share the load. With this design, it helps eliminate belt slippage or elongation under heavy snow removal conditions. Continuous slippage can reduce the impeller speed, impacting the snow removal performance. The heat generated from slippage reduces the belt life. Once the continued elongation unseats or snaps a tensile cord inside the belt, the belt begins to break down even faster, until it finally snaps.

Are Heated Grips Worthwhile?

Another high-end feature on a snowblower is the availability of heated grips. Designed to keep the operator warm, heated grips are a feature that may be needed or can be considered overkill depending on the environment and the operator. Wearing gloves can be cumbersome when operating heavy snow removal equipment, and extended run times can lead to some chilly hands. The weather conditions play into this as well. If extreme cold and large areas of snow to be removed are not a concern, then consider heated grips a non-necessity.

Should I Get a Headlight On My Snowblower?

Personal opinion- make sure you get a snowblower with a headlight, or attach one later. Not only does it provide better visibility for the operator, it also makes the operator more visible to drivers and pedestrians. Safety first!

What Are Reversible Skid Shoes?

Skid shoes on a snowblower help keep the blade level and the snowblower from catching on imperfections in the pavement. Reversible skid shoes can be remounted in order to use both sides, therefore making them (potentially) last longer.

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