Dart 38-Inch To 62-Inch Telescopic Snow Removal Car Brush with Ice Scraper

Dart CB99 Snow BrushDart offers a wide range of quality snow removal products, and this snow brush (model CB99) is no exception. Although higher priced than many other telescoping brushes, the engineering used in its design make for a better experience. The expanding pole can telescope all the way to 62 inches in length, and has multiple lock points along its length to allow for solid configurations between its 38 to 62 inch range. The ice scraper is detachable and can be used as a standalone tool. The brush head is approximately 10 inches wide and has a squeegee on its reverse side. The grips are cushioned, comfortable and plush. Highly recommended.

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Meyer Hot Shot Professional Walk Behind Spreader

Meyer Hot Shot Walk-Behind spreaderMeyer model number: 38180
The 2014 version of the Meyer Hot Shot walk behind spreader is a heavy-duty broadcast type spreader built for all-season use. The hopper is rated for 1.3 Cubic Feet of your choice of material – in addition to spreading sand, rock salt and ice melt, the Meyer Hot Shot can be used year round for fertilizer and lime treatments as well. With a shipping weight of 36 pounds and a gripping tire pattern, the Hotshot is a compact, easy to maneuver solution. The spread range is around 12-feet and a there is a removable deflector shield. This walk behind spreader allows the operator to cover a large area quickly.

The steel frame and Polypropylene hopper makes for a tough, long lasting spreader. Axle and wheel bearings/bushings are self-lubricating with excellent wear and load carrying performance.

An included see-through cover keeps the weather out and the media secure and dry while allowing the operator to keep watch on supply usage, and the easy to read dial makes for easy adjustment of flow rate.

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Extreme Max UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

Extreme Max UNIPLW50 UniPlow The UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow by Extreme Max is a plow kit for your ATV. The UniPlow offers a strong 50 inch wide blade, which is the sized appropriately for most ATV plowing. Highly rated, this plow kit contains all the plow and attachment parts in one box – and that includes the universal mount and hardware for most twin tube lower frame construction ATVs.

The plow is constructed of .090 inch steel and can be angled in 6 positions. Unlike some of the other 1-box ATV snowplow solutions, the plow is solid construction. The plow’s cut edge bar is also reversible, giving the owner double life on this wear item. The mount features a quick release, so you can leave it on, and attach or remove the plow as needed. All components are powder coated for rust prevention and the system has a 1 year warranty. You will need a winch to run this system however – and its not included in the box package. Look for model UNIPLW50.

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Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher Extendable Snowbrush

Hopkins subzero snowbrush 16619Looking to remove snow from your SUV or truck, or just have trouble reaching across your snow covered car without getting completely soaked? The 51″ Ice Crusher Extendable Snowbrush is a pivoting snow broom. One side  of the 8 inch head has a dual head bristle broom and a squeegee, the other end has a decent quality ice scraper. The extendable pole is textured for grip and well made for longevity. Lightweight construction allows for easy use.When the Subzero snow brush is in its most compacted state, it measures about 25 inches long. Normal operating size is around 35 inches but can extend to 51 inches maximum.  Made in the USA,  Hopkins model number 16619.

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Grip Studs ATV studs

atv snow plow studs tractionLooking for extra traction and control for your ATV or UTV snow plow? Grip Studs provides a solution. These solid tungsten carbide shaft studs screw in with a variable speed cordless drill, and add grip in snow, ice and inclement weather conditions. They also offer studs for skid steers, tractors and trucks, along with just about anything else that needs additional traction in winter months. You can find Grip Studs for your application using the stud selection guide at the Grip Studs Website.

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