Grip Studs ATV studs

atv snow plow studs tractionLooking for extra traction and control for your ATV or UTV snow plow? Grip Studs provides a solution. These solid tungsten carbide shaft studs screw in with a variable speed cordless drill, and add grip in snow, ice and inclement weather conditions. They also offer studs for skid steers, tractors and trucks, along with just about anything else that needs additional traction in winter months. You can find Grip Studs for your application using the stud selection guide at the Grip Studs Website.

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Snow Blower and Snow Plow Attachment for Lawn Tractors

If you already own a good lawn tractor and are looking to get another season’s use out of it, adding a snow blower attachment or snow plow attachment to your garden tractor can extend the use it sees, and also be a good way to have a large collection of equipment that stores away easily when not in use.

The snow plow attachment for a lawn tractor is the most common, with offerings for popular manufacturers such as John Deere, Cub Cadet, Toro and the Sears – Craftsman brands. You may also find universal lawn tractor snow plow kits that are designed to fit on lawn mowers from a variety of makes. The plow is typically good for those owners who have small areas to plow, and do not have large amounts of snow accumulation. Many aftermarket accessories can increase the performance of these snow removal solutions, but at the end of the day, a lawn tractor most likely does not have 4 wheel drive and an oversized engine. Another option for these heavy snowfall situations may be to look at ATV snow plows, as they have the superior performance specs that match up well with pushing snow.

lawn tractor snow plowSnow blower attachments for lawn tractors are not as widely available. They do have the larger capacity for moving snow around, and the ones that are available generally tend to be very competent. The market offers variations such as belt driven and shaft driven augers and impellers, using the garden tractor for locomotion, steering and power. John Deere is one manufacturer that offers a great snow blower attachment, even for the tiny- sized mower option. One thing for sure, removing snow with a riding snow blower is easier then the one you walk behind.

Both the snow plow and snow blower attachments for lawn tractors are good choices, provided the equipment matches the task at hand – some snowfalls are so light that taking out the tractor seems like overkill. Other snow storms are so heavy that they overwhelm the tractor’s ability to maintain traction. If you are looking to add a plow or snow thrower to your tractor, make sure it works with your model and is sized appropriately.

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Western Suburbanite Snow Plows

Western Suburbanite Snow PlowLooking for a great plow for a small truck? The Western Suburbanite series of plows are designed for residential use and fit well with a small 4×4 pickup. Available in 6’8 and 7’4 sizes, these slick poly bladed plows combine light weight with durability for a great plowing experience. The easy on and off mounting system can be done with only one person, and quickly at that. The hand held controls are designed to be easy to understand and use. The Western Suburbanite series offers trip protection for avoiding damage when encountering obstacles. This plow will make snow removal easy for residential owners.

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MTD Snow Blower Shear Bolts

shear bolt for snow blowerWant to keep your MTD snow blower running throught the season? Make sure you have spare shear bolts on hand. MTD shear bolts are made both by MTD and also third party manufacturers, so if you can’t find an OEM shear bolt, independent manufacurers probably have the part you need.

MTD OEM-738-04124 Shear Pins
For MTD 300/500/600/700 series 2-stage (2005 & after)

MTD Snow Thrower Shear Pin
Replaces 710-0890 2004 & Prior
Arnold OEM-710-0890
Model# OEM-710-0890-458049
Arnold OEM-710-0890 MTD Snow Thrower Shear Pin Replaces 710-0890 2004 & Prior

Oregon 80-746 Snow Thrower Shear Bolt For MTD 710-0891
Replaces MTD part number 710-0891
MTD 800 and 900 series snow blowers
Oregon 80-746 Snow Thrower Shear Bolt For MTD 710-0891, 1-3/4-Inch Length 5/16/18 Thread

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Murray Snow Blower Shear Bolts

shear bolt for murray snow blowerShear bolts, also called shear pins, are the one crucial consumable you should have on hand to keep a Murray snowblower running. Sometimes its tought to find the right shear bolt for your Murray snow blower, as each model uses a specific bolt, both in the size of the bolt and the location of the scores on the bolt.

For those that are not familiar, shear bolts (aka a shear pin) is a bolt that has score on it. These shear pins are designed to fail on the score lines when the force on the bolt meets the manufacturing threshold as opposed to the damage happening to the machinery itself. If you are removing snow from a gravel driveway or are prone to items under the snow ( such as newspapers), stock up on these consumables!

Part 500026MA
Fits Murray 22in. – 25in. Snow Throwers, and 27in. Snow Throwers with 12in. Augers
Shear Bolt Size: 1/4in. x 1-3/4in.
Murray Snow Thrower Shear Bolts 500026MA

Part 500027MA
Fits Murray 27in. – 33in. Snow Throwers with 16in. Augers
Shear Bolt Size: 5/16in. x 2in.
Murray Snow Thrower Shear Bolts 500027MA

Part 1501216MA
Replaces Murray parts 1501216, 580239MA, and MT1501216MA
Shear Bolt Size 5/16in. x 1-1/2 in.
Murray 1501216MA Shear Bolt Kit for Snow Throwers

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