Craftsman Lawn And Garden Tractor Snow Plow Blade

Do you have a Craftsman riding lawn mower? With this Craftsman snow plow blade, you can use your lawn tractor as a small snowplow. Ideal for light to moderate snow accumulation, this 4 foot blade attaches to the tractor and makes snow removal easy. The snow plow blade is controllable from the driving position, offering the operator tilt and raise-lower control. Adjustable plow shoes are included to accommodate snow removal from a variety of surfaces. A word of advice however- tire chains and a weight box are important accessories for this solution – the setup will be much more effective.  When I was a kid, my neighbors had one of these and went house to house making money hand over fist while I toiled away with a shovel trying to keep up. Yes, I was jealous.
Available at, the Craftsman 48″ Snow Blade is Item# 07124428000 and  Model# 486.244283

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