Fisher Snow Plows Featured on Science Channel Show How Its Made

Fisher Snowplow logo–Press Release–

ROCKLAND, Maine (November 21, 2011)  Have you ever wondered how a snow plow comes to be? The producers of Science’s How It’s Made documentary television series will answer that question on Thursday, December 1, at 9:00 p.m. EST.

How It’s Made traveled to the Fisher Engineering manufacturing facility in Rockland, Maine, to video how FISHER brand snow plows are manufactured.

Science, a channel in the Discovery Communications network of cable programming, features television shows that are willing to go beyond the imagination and explore the unknown. Richard Burckardt, director of brand advertising and communications at Douglas Dynamics, is pleased to have Fisher snow plows featured on the Science Channel. How It’s Made is an interesting and informative television show, Burckardt says, It was a pleasure having their crew at our Rockland facility, and we look forward to seeing the finished product.

How Its Made is a show I could watch over and over (and I do, the reruns air around the time I usually eat dinner). Having Fisher snow plows as the subject of a segment is like combining peanut butter and chocolate. Looking forward to catching this tonight, and getting a good look at the manufacturing process behind one of the best plow companies out there.

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