Wisconsin Passes ATV Snow Removal Legislation

The State Of Wisconsin has passes a series of laws related to the operation of ATVs outfitted with snow removal equipment. Rather then go to extrmemes, the state has created a very reasonable set of rules for safety and operation that encourage the responsible use of all terrain vehicles as snow removal machines.
Some samples from the new laws:

“ATVs operating within 150 feet of a dwelling
devoted to human occupancy are required to
slow their ATVs to 10 mph under current law.

ATVs are required to have their headlights on at
all times while operating on any road. ATV
headlights must be able to illuminate an object
at least 200 feet away. Taillights must be visible
from at least 500 feet away during the hours of
darkness. Operators must be certain that their
snow removal equipment does not interfere
with these legal lighting requirements.

ATVs must have current Public Use
Registration while operating on public roadways,
public road right of ways or on public

Children under age 18 are required to wear
helmets while operating ATVs off of private
property that is owned by their parents or legal

You can find the full set of guidelines in the PDF published by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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