Club Cadet Snowthrowers

Club Cadet 528 SW Snowthrower

The Club Cadet 528 SW snowthrower has a 28 inch clearing width and has a stainless steel shave plate. This snowblower also features standard electric start, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, and rust resistant reverseable skid plates. The 528 SW is easily manuverable - it rolls on 16 inch tires. The chute is clog resistant and can rotate 200 degrees, along with a 200 degree pitch adjustment. A headlight and single hand operation are standard equipment, and it can optionally be fitted with heated hand grips. MSRP for this model is 1249.00 and it comes with a 3 year residential / 1 year commercial warranty.

Club Cadet 221 LHP Snowthrower

The Club Cadet 221 LHP is designed for smaller jobs. With its 21 inch clearing width and 13 inch intake height, walkways and small driveways will be a breeze in light snowfall and icy conditions. It features a high impact, clog resistant chute with a 190 degree rotation and rolls on 8 inch tires. Electric start and a in-dash headlight are standard equipment. the 221 LHP is backed up with a 3 year residential / 1 year commercial warranty, and has a low MSRP of 649.00

Club Cadet 945 SWE snowblower

The Club Cadet 945 SWE snowblower is a monster that features a whopping 45 inch clearing width. Matched with its enourmous width is its 22 inch intake height. If serious now removal is the job, this is the correct choice for clearing snow. The 945 SWE features the same standard equipment as its smaller brothers- a dash mounted headlight, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, and rust resistant reverseable skid plates, and backed by the 3-year residential / 1-year commercial warranty. It also has a heavy duty serrated steel auger for chewing through snow, a 5 quart fuel tank for extended run times and rolls on 16 inch tires. The 420cc Cub Cadet OHV 4-cycle engine provides plenty of power. MSRP on this beast of a snowthrower is 2649.00


Club Cadet has a wide range of snowthrowers available. Ranging from the tiny 221 LHP to the insanely large 945 SWE, Club Cadet has a snow removal machine for a wide variey of applications. Club Cadet makes a quality product that are favorites of snow and ice managemnt professionals and homeowners alike.

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