Off Season Snowplowr Mailbox Roundup

Occasionally readers write in with questions about snow removal equipment. Here are a few recent inquiries we have received over the summer. If you have questions, use our handy contact form, and if we can help you out, we will!

AA wants to know:
Need front snow plow for 2005 Mercury mariner … not looking to spend more than $1100

Our response:
You do not mention the type of use you intend for this plow, so taking into account your indicated budget of 1100.00, I would suggest you look to buying a used plow from someone in your area. New plow setups usually start at 1600.00 and up, not including mounting and accessories.

MD writes:
I’ve tried every where to get a manual on summit series model # 31AS2N1C829
I’d appreciate any information you can give – Thank You

Our response:
Does this do the trick for you? summitseries_manual

JJ Writes:
I work for Silver Bear Snow Scoops. We manufacture a heavy duty galvanized steel snow scoop and would love to get a write up on your site.

Our response:
Send some product information and photos and we will take a look!

(This is our standard policy- any manufacturers looking to get product on the site, drop me a line!)

BC Writes:
Please send me a catalog of your product offerings

Our response:
Sorry, We do not sell snow removal products. All snow and ice management products we have featured on the site are listed here
TD writes:
I am looking for a small size snowthrower for my driveway. What brands do you recommend?

Our response:
There is a lot of good snow removal equipment available from a variety of manufacturers. You did not mention your average snowfall, or the size of your driveway. Your best bet would be to visit a local store and see what models they have available, and then compare prices and warranty terms. Going with a brand name (for example- Club Cadet or Troy-Bilt) is good if you feel you may need parts years down the road.

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