Snow Blower Accessories Roundup – Arnold Products

arnold snow blower accessoriesArnold Products (MTD) manufactures a range of snow blower and snow thrower accessories, upgrades and replacement parts. In this post are a sample of the product offerings Arnold makes to keep your snow removal equipment up and running when you need it the most. These items make great gifts for dear ol’ Dad, who is most likely currently out in the cold, clearing out your parking space for you.

First up is the Arnold snow blower chute clearing tool. By now you should know not to stick your hand in the snowblower, as no one likes to be called Lefty, Stubby or Darwin. A tool like this is designed to clear snow and ice jams from the machine, and this product is designed to clear the snowpack quickly, unlike your son’s hockey stick. This chute clearing tool weights around 1 lb, and is Arnold model OEM-731-2643.


Next is the Arnold Universal Snow Cab, designed to fit on most models of snow throwers and to keep the operator dry and comfortable. A simple shell like this allows the operator to continue to work in the wind and snow, but still provide visibility in tough weather. Weighing in at a trim 10 pounds, the snowblower cab is made from polyethylene and includes the hardware for mounting and gets great reviews from customers who have tried it. Tests have shown that having a shell like this one offers more protection then not having a shell like this. Look for Arnold part number OEM-390-675


Remember last summer? That’s the last time anyone in the house saw the keys to the snow blower. You swear that you left them in the drawer, but more likely they were in the pocket of the coat that got donated to Goodwill at the end of last winter. Now there is 6 inches of wet and heavy snow on the driveway and it looks like the expensive snowblower is just a place to set your hot chocolate when you are out shoveling (and cursing charity organizations) But wait, Arnold makes a set of replacement keys to fit most models of snowblowers! Cheap, and the replacement snowblower key set fits most Tecumseh, Briggs, Craftsman, and MTD branded engines – buy this now, and save the traditional Christmas Family Argument for more important subjects, like “Who Burned The Christmas Ham” or “Why Can’t I Have Another Drink”. Arnold Universal Snow Thrower Electric Start Key Set, part number 490-241-0008


The last item in the Arnold Snowblower Accessory Roundup is the 7-1/2′ Folding Aluminum Arched Ramps. Lets face it, having a good snow blower is great, but sometimes you need to stick it in the back of a pickup truck. These machines are heavy, and your college football days are long gone by. You could try and place it on a series of progressively higher objects until its in the truck, but don’t forget you need to get it out of the truck at your mother in law’s house. The Arnold folding aluminum arched ramps are just the ticket – roll it up, and then throw the ramps in the truck. Buying the ramps is also more cost efficient then buying a second snowblower to leave at your wife’s family’s house as well- there is little to no chance that your lazy brother in law will pawn them for drug money. The full set of ramps weighs only 42 pounds and is Arnold model number 490-150-0015.


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