Toro Power Max® 828 OXE Snowblower

Toro Power Max 828 OXE

Toro's Power Max 828 OXE is a mid-range 2 stage snowthrower that packs plenty of power to get snow and ice from where it is to where you want it to be. This capable machine has a 28 inch clearing width and can throw snow potentially up to 45 feet. Made for big driveways and high snow accumulation, the Power Max 828 OXE is all about business- the business of kicking snow to the curb. There are plenty of features on the 828 OXE as well - The QuickStick chute and deflector control has a joystick like controller to angle the snow discharge on the fly, the included electric start gets the user working quickly and the headlight on the PowerMax 828 OXE is included as part of the package- not an aftermarket accessory.

The PowerMax 828 OXE includes a 14 inch serrated auger, a 12 inch impeller ,a 250cc Brigs and Stratton engine, and a commercial-grade auger gearcase. This snowblower is factory rated at a 2,000 lb per minute clip - enough to crush bigger snow removal jobs with ease. In addition, the 828OXE has Toro's Anti-clogging system to tear through high snow accumulation.

Toro's standard features also apply: reversible skid shoes, an adjustable scraping edge and 6 Forward, 2 Reverse speed transmission. 15 inch tires roll the 828OXE around in style. Toro backs the PowerMax 828 OXE with its 3 Year limited warranty and lifetime limited warranty on the chute, deflector, and ACS.

Toro's drive design really shines on this model. There is a controller for each wheel that can be used independently, for pinpoint turns - or you can use the interlock to keep one hand free to operate the chute, adjust the speed, or even wave to the neighbors who are still shoveling, and hoping you will stop by with your awesome Toro snowblower.

model number 38364 - Toro PowerMax 828 OXE

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