Snowplowr Mailbag for November Snow removal directorySome recent snow removal questions and answers. If you have questions, send them in via our contact form and the Snowplowr staff will try and answer them!

Should I use plow shoes on my snowplow?
Most seasoned snow plow professionals do not use plow shoes, with some exceptions. Usually you see plow shoes come into play on grass or gravel areas -not on smooth pavement. The case can be made that they save wear and tear on the snowplow’s cutting edge, but at the expense of getting right down to the bare ground. If you do decide to keep them on, adjustments should be carefully made to avoid leaving snow and ice behind.

I’m having problems lining up my plow when I go to mount it, any tips?
Its probably easier to put the plow on plow dollies, and then move the plow to the mount. If this isn’t going to work for you, try flagging the plow hitch with a snow stake and matching it up to a line on the truck.

My husband bought a used snowblower and cannot get it to start, what could be wrong? The original owner said it started last time he used it.

There are lots of things that could be wrong, but here are a few things to look at before you call a small engine repair shop:
Is there old gasoline in it?
Spark plug been changed?
Is the carburetor gummed up?
Fuel filter need to be changed?

You should also google the model and manufacturer and see if you can dig up a manual for it, it may include a troubleshooting section specific to your snowblower.

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