Shear bolts for Ariens Snowthrowers

ariens snowblower shear boltsShear bolts, also called shear pins, are the one crucial consumable you should have on hand to keep an Ariens snowblower running. Gas is easy, oil is no problem, but during the snow storm that you realize that you need to replace your shear bolt is the one that the local stores will be sold out. The other challenge is to find the right shear bolt for your Ariens snow blower, as each model uses a specific bolt, both in the size of the bolt and the location of the scores on the bolt.

For those that are not familiar, shear bolts (aka a shear pin) is a bolt that has score on it. These shear pins are designed to fail on the score lines when the force on the bolt meets the manufacturing threshold – as opposed to the damage happening to the machinery itself.

To find the correct model for your Ariens snow thrower, get the model number from the machine or your owners manual. Here are some typical Ariens models and the appropriate shear pins for each.

Ariens 51001500 Snowthrower
Ariens 52100100 Snowthrower
Ariens 532005, 53200500, 05907100 Snowthrowers
Ariens 510015 Snowblower
Ariens 510016 Snowblower

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