Snowblowers and Snowthrowers- how are they different

Snowblowers and Snowthrowers- how are they different?

Snow removal equipment can be defined mainly using intended use and size. There are two distinct categories of snow throwing machinery- snowblowers and snowthrowers.

Generally speaking, the term snowthrower and snowblower are used interchangeably. Usually a snow thrower is a smaller machine, featuring a single stage action to ‘throw’ snow, where a snow blower is typically a multi stage machine that can take on larger jobs. Both may feature a rotating blade to channel the snow in the direction the operator desires. Most sizeable machines use a second stage with metal blades that spin, impelling the snow drifts towards the chute.

All but the smallest machines are self propelled, using the engine for locomotion and also to spin the blades. These models have multiple speeds in forward and reverse, allowing the operator to run the snowblower at a speed that matches the amount of snow and the terrain that is to have the snow and ice removed from it.

Larger snowthrowers and snowblowers have a larger clearing width – the size of the path that is cleared with each path. They also feature larger fuel tanks and high end addons like electric start and treads or tire chains for traction improvement, along with accessories to attack ice or large drifts.

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