Ames Superlight Lift Rite Snow Shovel

Ames Superlight Lift Rite Aluminum Snow Shovel

Ames makes great shovels for assorted purposes, and has been doing so for quite some time. This 18 inch model of snow shovel has a couple of nice features going for it - The handle, made of steel, has a bend in it to minimize the stress of lifting snow. The handle has a D grip on the top, for easy handling when wearing gloves and to provide leverage. The 18 inch blade on the Ames LiftRite is made of aluminum, for strength in lifting snow and to prevent wear when hacking away at ice. As a lift shovel, the Ames Superlight LiftRite excels- making it one of the best models available in this configuration. Available everywhere, look for model 1639400 or 1641200.


Alternately, you can get it delivered right from amazon! Superlight Lift Rite Aluminum Snow Shovel (1641200)

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